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from June 7, 2011

The Outpost

Back in May, when the shuttle Endeavour was docked at the space station for the last time, there was a crew change. Three members of the station’s Expedition 27 were going home in a Soyuz capsule. As they departed, they took pictures of Endeavour and the station together – the last time such pictures will ever be taken (next month’s final shuttle flight doesn’t coincide with a crew change.)

Here’s a good shot, but there are a couple dozen more on NASA’s site.

At the bottom, you can see Endeavour. Near where it’s docked, but not really visible, is the Japanese laboratory module. Up closer to the top of the picture, you can see two Russian ships docked to the station. One is a Progress cargo ship, one is a Soyuz crew capsule. At the very end of the station is the automated European Space Agency cargo ship Johannes Kepler. This is the last time, at least for a few years, that we’ll have a picture of the station with ships from all of the international partners docked.

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