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from May 13, 2008

Chinese Cooking

Presenting a new series of Chinese cookbooks to suit all tastes.

Wok This Way

Healthy living: Run Before You Wok

Texas BBQ style: These Boots Were Made for Woking

Solar-powered cooking: Woking on the Sun

Anti-Chinese cooking: Don’t Wok

For the active lifestyle: Speed Woking

Xmas recipes: Woking in a Winter Wonderland

A collection of Johnny Cash’s recipes: Wok the Line

Hospital recipes: Woking Wounded

German-Chinese fusion cooking: We Have Ways of Making You Wok

Christian Recipes: Never Wok Alone

Volume 2: Wok on Water

For Christian teens: A Wok to Remember

For couples with relationship problems: Don’t Wok Away

A collection of The Bee-Gee’s recipes: Well You Can Tell by the Way I Use My Wok

Recipes from Fozzie Bear: Wokka Wokka

A collection of recipes from celebrities: Wok of Fame

Okay, I think I got it out of my system.

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